Diaper punishment for bullying

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Hy I'm a boy in 5th grade I'm 10 years old and my mom got a call from school that I was bullying a a 8 year old boy because he wears pull ups and he peed in his pants and pull ups. I got suspended for bullying and my mom was pissed off she picked me up and told the school she will take care of it believe her. My mom drove to Walmart and told me we need some things and if I'm going to act like a baby she is going to treat me like a baby she walked me strate to the baby diaper aisle with the shopping cart and picked up a box of Micky mouse pull ups a box of pull ups new leaf and a box of parents choice size 7 diapers. I'm know diaper punished I'm really sorry for what I did I leaned my lesson that can I do to make my diaper punishment stop I don't want to wear pull ups in school no more and I'm sick of wearing my parents choice diapers to bed and in public I'm sick of people looking at me weard when mom changes me in public one lady and her son Sean me and my mom's purse was opened exposing my pull ups and diapers and the lady asked ant he a little old to be wearing diapers and pull ups. My mom sed no because I'm 10 and I like being a baby and she cought me making fun of a 8 year old because he has to wear pull ups and I need to know how he feels wearing his pull ups by me wearing pull ups and if she is mad enough at me I'm wearing the parents choice size 7 diapers the lady in the restroom told me good because I deserve to be diaper punished and told her son see what happens when you act like a baby I better never catch you doing that

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I like your moms idea of diaper punishment.

However I don't think it should go too far.

Although making you wear pull ups or diapers for awhile to school is good because you were making fun of a kid wearing them as well.

So you should have to wear them to see how he feels.

Hopefully the punishment works and it's good to hear that you're sorry about what you did.

Bullying really hurts someone so you should be punished for bullying.

I never bullied but was bullied as a kid and it was terrible for me and if I did bully someone and my parents diaper punished me and made me wear diapers and embarrassed me like that I would certainly stop my bullying.

As for getting out of the diaper punishment try doing good and really show that you're done with the bullying.

Try making up with the kid in school in front of your parents and really apologize and be sincere about it to the kid you bullied.

Then maybe your parents will take you out of the diaper punishment.

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