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Did anyone feel embarrassed about wearing those dumb big boy pull ups as a kid in 1996 I know I did  I was a little pants wetter and I was 7 years old omg potty training was hard for me I remember wearing pull ups all the time and I went to a daycare talk about babyish if I wasn't wearing pull ups I was in plastic back pampers baby dry size 6 boys Micky mouse. One time I was out of pull ups and the daycare was out of the boys pampers so I was put into the pink pampers in front of all the other kids it was upsetting because I peed in the blue pampers I had on under my pants and know one new I wore diapers until I was laying on my back and pants pulled down revealing my diaper I told them I'm not a baby as my diaper was changed I told them I usually wear pull ups

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answered Dec 24, 2021 by Gracy (133,780 points)
Sorry you had a bad experience as a kid and wetting your pants.

Lots of kids that age wet their pants and need pull ups or diapers to control it.

It is embarrassing for the kid.

I can remember myself as a kid of 7 years old and I wet the bed and my mom told relatives about me wetting the bed.

One day when we were staying over at my aunts house my aunt mentioned that I wet the bed and would have to wear a diaper and I wondered how she knew about my secret.

I didn't do it though and went outside crying and later I found my mom told my relatives that I wet the bed.

It is very embarrassing and I just slept out in our van instead and my dad stayed out there with me.

I can understand the embarrassment.

Parents should never tell others about their kids bed wetting or wetting accidents as it is a very embarrassing thing for the kid.

Also the kid shouldn't be punished for wetting their pants or bed wetting and they shouldn't be forced to wear diapers or pull ups but they should be offered the option.

If they don't want to wear the diaper or pull up then that should be their choice but they should just know that it's an option and it's okay to wear the diaper or pull up.
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I remember wearing Mickey Mouse Pullups in 2000. I was too young to remember Mickey Pampers. Mickey was always with Huggies in my lifetime.
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Being made to wear diapers as an actual kid for wetting can be embarrassing and I would hate it as well.

Although I would love wearing diapers as a kid in secret it can be embarrassing to wear the pull ups or diapers when being made too and then you can hate it at that point.

I wet my pants as a kid before too and had to wear pull ups for a little while and then I stopped wearing them.

I loved pull ups and diapers as a kid but I hated it when I had to wear them.

I loved wearing them on my own terms.

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