Bathing boys and girls together

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asked Dec 18, 2021 in Polls/Surveys by jsnayfjdnsuso (520 points)

Over Christmas I’m gonna be babysitting my 10 year female cousin 8 year old male cousin and 6 year old nephew. I’ve bathed the boys together before but can I bathe the girl with them.

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answered Dec 18, 2021 by Bermendy88 (340 points)
It's not a big issue. You can do bath with her.
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answered Dec 19, 2021 by toshka (340 points)
I haven't come across this
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answered Dec 19, 2021 by W1ndo0Paine (5,080 points)
You can bathe the girl with the boys if the girl is comfortable with it.

However if the girl is not comfortable being bathed with the boys then you should bathe her separately.

Also if the 10 year old has no health issues then she should be able to bathe or shower herself without any help.

Even the 8 year old and 6 year old should be able to bathe themselves unless they have any disabilities.

However with the 6 year old you sometimes have to ensure they actually bathe so sometimes they need to have help for that reason.

My own 6 year old son would not get cleaned up properly or sometimes would not even get into the shower or bath unless I was in the bathroom with him to make sure he got bathed.

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