I found a package of goodnites in my son's bedroom is he a baby or does he have bedwetting problems

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I found goodnites in my son's bedroom is he a baby or does he have bedwetting problems
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He's a bedwetter and a baby BUT ask him the right way. Don't be mad at his answer, if he wants both, give him options, underwear for school, diapers are for the home. If he says both, explain to him, if you go to the mall, going to eat, visiting relatives, he has to be diapered at all times. Buy him all baby things

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answered Dec 18, 2021 by diapermouse1 (8,330 points)
Your son could be a bed wetter and has bought goodnites to wear without telling you.

Or your son could be a diaper lover and just loves the goodnites to wear.

I would speak with him calmly and ask him if he's having a wetting problem and explain to him that it's okay and that he can wear the goodnites.

Or even better if he'll wear actual diapers then those would be even better.

But it's most likely your son is a bed wetter and is too embarrassed to let you know about it.

But then again he could also be a diaper lover as well.
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answered Dec 19, 2021 by Wetdiaper565 (1,730 points)
Your son may have a wetting problem.

Or like diapermouse said your son could also just like wearing the Goodnites.

Many kids would sneak diapers into the house without parents knowing when they just wanted to wear the diapers.

Although some may also wet the bed and be too embarrassed to speak about it or tell their parents about it out of shame.

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