Did you listen to Korn back in the day

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asked Dec 15, 2021 in Polls/Surveys by mwalker1996 (8,140 points)
Did you listen to Korn back in the day? Korn was a popular metal band in the late 90s with a bit of a hip-hop flare to them. They style was coined nu metal.

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answered Dec 19, 2021 by Sunnybunny (1,260 points)
My older brother used to listen to Korn back in the day.

He would listen to Korn so much and blare it so much that our dad got mad at him and would scream at him to turn it down or off.

One day our dad got so mad at him for always blaring the Korn music that he busted up my brothers stereo.

I didn't mind it myself but my dad was getting visits from the police because neighbors were calling.

So my dad told the police he would take care of the issue and he did. lol

I believe they were a great metal band but my dad didn't think so.

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