Do you remember watching Beyblade

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asked Dec 12, 2021 in Polls/Surveys by mwalker1996 (8,140 points)
Who remembers the anime Beyblade?

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answered Dec 12, 2021 by diaperpapillonfigweb (3,680 points)
I'm not a huge anime fan but I do remember watching anime and anime Beyblade as I do find the shows interesting.

My friend was and probably still is a huge anime fan as well and he likely watched the Beyblade too.
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answered Jul 8 by Uters12 (4,890 points)

If you ask me I am now more concerned by how it will end rather than when . It’s obvious that One piece has to end in like 8–10 years but if we take the War b/w Whitebeard and the navy as mid point as it should be. A well written good end would at-least take equal or I am more inclined to more time than the first half. That being said Oda is now rushing thins esp in last 1–2 years . And it is precisely because of this rushing the quality is rapidly deteriorating, check One Piece. There is so so so much content to be explored as things are.

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