What is instantaneous news?

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What is instantaneous news?

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Instantaneous news is just news that is given out without any delay.

Breaking news would be a type of instantaneous news.

The definition of instantaneous is done, occurring, or acting without any perceptible duration of time death was instantaneous. 2 : done without any delay being purposely introduced took instantaneous corrective action. 3 : occurring or present at a particular instant instantaneous velocity.

The difference between the words instant and instantaneous is that instant can be either a noun or an adjective, and instantaneous is always an adjective.

Common synonyms of instantaneous include unhesitating, instant, immediate, long-term, prompt, delayed, eventual, late, later, time and instantaneously.

Some ways to use instantaneous in a sentence include.

Death was instantaneous because both bullets hit the heart.

He had an instantaneous response.

She accidentally swallowed the poison and death was instantaneous.

His hospitality was instantaneous and all-embracing.
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