Go Potty With Spidey

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asked Dec 9, 2021 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (7,810 points)
Go Potty With Spidey blog. Spiderman has his own pullups only at Costco tho. https://medium.com/@mariowalkerpoetry/diaper-case-story-36-go-potty-with-spidey-8982fc9d6269

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answered Dec 9, 2021 by diapermouse1 (5,970 points)
Spiderman was always my favorite as a kid and I still love Spiderman.

The spiderman pullups look awesome and I wish I could fit into them.

Lovely blog post about one of my favorite characters spiderman.

I dressed as Spiderman as a kid before too.

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