Did you sleep with your parents in your diapers as a kid

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asked Dec 6, 2021 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (6,490 points)
Did you sleep with your parents with a diaper on?

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answered Dec 6, 2021 by Wetdiaper565 (1,570 points)
I have slept with my parents with a diaper on.

As a kid I used to wet the bed and so from age 5 to 9 years old I wore Pampers plastic backed diapers.

I would sometimes crawl in bed with my parents wearing just a pampers diaper.

Those plastic and thick pampers diapers were so comfortable and I loved the feeling of them.

I would always wake up in the morning with a nice swollen plastic backed pampers diaper on and I would first eat breakfast in the wet pampers and would love the feeling of sitting down in the chair wearing the wet diaper.

The wet diaper and even the dry pampers made the hard wooden chairs I would sit on feel much better.
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answered Dec 7, 2021 by Edward Wong (560 points)
When I was little I slept over.
commented Dec 30, 2021 by Ts2021 (140 points)
Only if I had a cold or something similar.

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