Has a teacher changed your diaper

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Has a teacher changed your diaper

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I did have a teacher change my diaper before in Kindergarten.

I had wet my pants and so the nurse put me in a diaper and then my teacher was given a few Pampers diapers in case I needed a change.

So my teacher laid me out on the floor one day in the back of the room and changed my wet diaper in front of the class.

I had a few kids laugh at me but the teacher said if they kept laughing they would be getting a diaper put on as well.

And since my pants were wet because my diaper leaked I was sent back to my desk wearing just the Pampers plastic backed diaper, shirt and my socks and shoes.

I was embarrassed but also was enjoying being dressed like that at the same time.
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Yes when I was 8 I move down to a new school. At my old school the nurse changed but this new school it was a teachers aid. My first day I pooped my diaper well she laid me in the floor and the other kids looked confused. Then the boys laughed when she pulled my pants down exposing my diaper. Then she ripped the diaper open showing my poop and all the kids jaws dropped . Then I started to pee and the girls screamed An day boys giggled. That’s how it went all the way through 5th grade until I went to middle school. I would get my diaper changed wherever I was except in the lunch room when she would take me into the hallway. 

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