What music you listen to diaperpapillonfigweb

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What music you listen to?

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answered Dec 4, 2021 by diaperpapillonfigweb (3,700 points)
I like to listen mostly to country music.

Although I also like to listen to Mexican style music even though I cannot understand what they are saying.

Something about that beat of that Mexican music is enjoyable to me.

I remember dancing with a Mexican friend when I was a kid to that Mexican Music.
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I love techno music and listen usually on Spotify.
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answered Dec 1, 2023 by Abulaycan (1,420 points)

Loving this thread and getting a sneak peek into everyone's playlists! Personally, I've been vibing to a mix of indie and lo-fi lately – perfect for those work-from-home days, you know?  Btw, stumbled upon this cool tool called SongLifty that's been a game-changer for discovering new tunes. It's not just about what's popular but also about hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.

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