Youth Diapers vs Training Pants Blog

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A blog on how to tell the difference between Training Pants and Nighttime Underwear.

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Great blog post.

The Youth pull ups or youth diapers are sized larger for kids over the toddler age.

While the pull ups made for toddlers with T are for children up to age 4.

Although some older kids can sometimes still fit in the toddler sized pull ups.

Just like some older kids can fit in a size 6 or size 7 baby diaper.

When I was 5 my babysitter put me in a large disposable baby diapers.

It was either a Luvs diaper or a Pampers diaper which I can't quite remember but it was pretty thick and was all plastic backed.

I easily fit into that diaper she put on me so some kids can fit into a baby sized diaper.

Just like Tommy Diaper Boy who was wearing pampers diapers they fit him pretty good at 8 years old which is what I believe his age was in those pictures.

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