Have you been diaper punished before

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Where you diaper punished as a kid?

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I was diaper punished as a kid.

I was diaper punished for wetting the bed and because I wet the bed after potty training and didn't stop at age 5 my mom and dad made me wear Pampers Diapers all the time and treated me like a baby for it.

My parents said that I had to wear diapers like a toddler because toddlers wet the bed and wet their pants.

So the potty was off limits to me and I had to wear the Pampers Diapers and use the Pampers Diapers for both pee and poop until I could keep my diaper dry at night for at least a week.

Well that never happened until I was 17.

I had to remain in diapers full time until age 17 when i finally quit wetting the bed.

I was made to wear just pampers at age 8 until I no longer could fit in them and had to wear just pampers around the house or when it was warm out.

At first hated going back into Pampers Diapers but by the time I turned 7 I began to really enjoy being in diapers and looked forward to getting my diaper changed and playing in my thick plastic backed Pampers Diapers.

Those pampers diapers that were thick and plastic backed felt great to wear and I quickly got used to it.

I wore the same Pampers Like Tommy Diaper Boy was wearing in his pictures.

Diaper Boy TommyDiaper Boy Tommy Pampers Diapers

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I was also diaper punished like you and like Tommy Diaper boy.

I was dressed in just a diaper and shirt and socks like Tommy Diaper boy too.

I love those classic diaper boy Tommy Pictures.
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Tommy almost looks like me as a kid, seriously. And I wore Pampers like the ones he's wearing in those pictures when I was 6!
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answered Dec 1, 2021 by diaperwet (650 points)
I was diaper punished as kid before.

I'm almost 34 years old now and I remember being put back in Pampers Diapers as 6 year old for wetting my pants in school.

Since I could not hold my pee and peed my pants my mom and dad both made me wear Pampers Diapers all the time.

The diapers were the plastic backed thick Pampers like diaper boy Tommy is wearing too.

I also first hated being put back in diapers and made to wear them all the time.

But after awhile I began to like it but never told my parents I loved them.

To me it was really not a punishment after the first year of being in Pampers as I soon loved being in Pampers.

I was also treated as a toddler and the toilet was off limits to me too.

I wish they made the diapers for toddlers and babies plastic backed and thick like they used too with the tapes.

I love hearing the tapes and the crinkle of those thick plastic backed diapers which makes me feel more like a baby or toddler.
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Did you have to go poopy in your Pampers when you were being punished?
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Yes, by my grandma when I was 6 for wetting the bed. I remember how mad she was and told me that from now on I was going to be wearing a diaper.

Later that day she came home from the store with two large bags of Pampers and a bag of Huggies Thick diapers. She told me to go upstairs and take my pants off and wait.
When she came into the room, she had a diaper in her hand and said Pampers were going to be my new toilet day and night and the bathroom was off limits!

As I stood there naked, I was covering my private parts and she slapped my hands away and said toddlers and babies don't cover their privates. She ordered me to lay on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. This allowed her to focus on my bodies area that was embarrassing to have people see.

I remember her telling me that my penis was tiny and from the waist down l looked like a toddler. I was so embarrassed! She then grabbed my ankles and hoisted me up causing more embarrassment as she slid the diaper under my exposed bottom. She then pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it up nice and tight.
As I was laying there, she put my shoes on, and I then realized she wasn't going to have me wear pants. She ordered me to the bathroom and stood me in front of the mirror.

As I stood there, she told me again that I was going to be treated like a toddler and my Pampers were for 'all my potty needs'.  
I was told that my diaper would be checked and I wasn't allowed to tell her I needed changing, including if I had a dirty accident. Then it dawned on me that I was going to have to use my diaper for pooping in as well. I started to cry and she laughed, saying that it's ok to have a dirty diaper.

I'll never forget the first time needing to poop. I begged my grandma to let me use the bathroom, but she said absolutely not, and if I took my Pampers off, I'd get a spanking I'd never forget.
I then ran into the bathroom and squated down, my grandma not far behind, and I started to go. She was laughing as I was squatted down filling my diaper, not only with poop, but pee as well. She was saying that I was a good little boy for using his diaper. She then ordered me to stand up and walk around. I remember her saying that I must have really needed to go because my diaper had quite the bulge.

She then had me go back in the kitchen and told me to get in the highchair she'd gotten out of storage. I didn't want too because of my poopy diaper and not wanting to sit in my mess. She then scooped me up and plopped me in the highchair so quick I didn't have time to react. She quickly fastened the nylon seat belt so I couldn't get out and snapped the feeding tray in place. As I sat in my poopy diaper, I could feel it... squishy and warm on my butt.
As she put my chicken nuggets on the tray, the neighbor boy came over. His name was Travis and he was 5... completely potty trained of course. When he saw me in the highchair he started to giggle. Then he saw my diaper. He asked why I was wearing a diaper and my grandma told him that I wasn't potty trained yet. He started laughing and said he was potty trained and 5 years old. As he stood there looking at me, he said it smelled like I was poopy, and my grandma said that I must have made a stinky (like she didn't already know). She then said it wasn't any surprise because  I peed and pooped in my diaper all the time, especially around lunch time because I liked to sit in my dirty diaper. Travis laughed and said only babies wear diapers, and I was still a baby. My grandma agreed and commented again that I probably was wet as well as poopy.

After I was done eating, my grandma took the tray off and undid the seatbelt on the highchair. She told me to get out and stand up. As I stood there, she pulled the back waistband of my diaper, and announced that I had a dirty diaper. Travis laughed as she held it back so he could peek at my dirty mess.
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Here's a story about your experiencehttps://medium.com/@mariowalkerpoetry/diaper-case-story-39-pamper-your-kids-stinky-butt-dac4017f3f42
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Yes I was diaper punished at daycare when I was 7 for acting up and me and another kid decided to pee our pants for fun. That's when all hell broke loose my friend was drug into the boys room door was closed and I heard screaming crying an a loud no when the door opened my friend was led out by teachers holding both hands rocking him back in forth kids laughing at him and I seen him wearing a Micky mouse pampers diaper I got scared when I was drug into the boys bathroom and told if your going to act like a baby we will treat you like a baby my pants and underwear got taken off of me I was placed on the floor I Sean a Blue pampers baby dry size 6 plastic back Micky mouse diaper in one of the teachers hand I bagged her to not diaper me because I'm not a baby but it didn't do any good the diaper was unfolded placed under my butt pulled up between my legs tapes fastened I got a pair of pants that don't cover the top of the diaper I was cent back to class embarrassed. When the teacher decided to change my friend  I got the idea to fix her. When she pulled down my pants and everyone seen my diaper being changed when the teacher un taped my diaper and pulled the front down I started to pee in her face before getting a new diaper on witch was a pull up this time thank God but it sucks wearing pull ups for 2 years because of daycare and mom's choice

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