I'm thinking about dropshipping diapers

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asked Nov 30, 2021 in Polls/Surveys by mwalker1996 (8,700 points)
A lot of you guys really like my blogs on diapers. I have been thinking about setting up a Shopify store as a 3rd party seller. You guys can buy diapers from me without me having to manufacture them. What do you think of me setting up a Shopify account as a dropshipper? Would you buy from me?

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answered Nov 30, 2021 by Pamperslover (25,210 points)
I think that's a great idea to drop ship diapers.

I would buy some diapers from your shopify store if you set it up and I'd also let some others know about it as well.
commented Nov 30, 2021 by mwalker1996 (8,700 points)
edited Nov 30, 2021 by mwalker1996
Well the Shopify monthly plan is too expensive for me at the moment, but I might put some Amazon affiliate links up for my blog.

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