What is the difference between continence and incontinence?

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What is the difference between continence and incontinence?

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The difference between continence and incontinence is that continence is when you have bladder and bowel control and incontinence is when you have either a loss of bowel control or a loss of bladder control or both.

Continence is the ability to control your bladder and bowel. Incontinence is the involuntary loss of bladder and bowel control.

Different types of incontinence include.

Stress incontinence. Urine leaks when you exert pressure on your bladder by coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising or lifting something heavy.
Urge incontinence.
Overflow incontinence.
Functional incontinence.
Mixed incontinence.

The term continence is used when an individual has control of their bladder and bowel.

Dual incontinence, also known as double incontinence, occurs when an individual suffers with both bladder and bowel incontinence.

This condition affects women and men equally.

The incidence rate is lower than urinary or bowel incontinence in isolation.

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