What happens if you keep picking your ears?

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What happens if you keep picking your ears?

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If you keep picking your ears you can cause sores on your ear and also cause damage to your ear drums.

Constantly digging in your ears can easily cause damage to your eardrum.

And as a result, you will have some hearing problems as your eardrum repairs itself.

That's a key point to make; your eardrums can repair and heal over time.

So, the damage doesn't have to be permanent.

Digging in your ears can cause direct damage to your ears, too, besides leading to compacted earwax.

Swabs and bobby pins can scratch or break the delicate tissues inside the ear.

Prodding thin objects into your ears is a disaster waiting to happen.

If you obsessively pick your ears you likely have a disorder known as excoriation disorder.

When you pick at your ears the condition is called excoriation disorder.

Excoriation disorder (also referred to as chronic skin-picking or dermatillomania) is a mental illness related to obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It is characterized by repeated picking at one's own skin which results in skin lesions and causes significant disruption in one's life.

Things you can do to stop yourself from picking at your ears are.

Keep your hands busy – try squeezing a soft ball or putting on gloves.
Identify when and where you most commonly pick your skin and try to avoid these triggers.
And try to resist for longer and longer each time you feel the urge to pick.   

Picking your ears in public is gross and should be avoided if possible.

However picking your ears in public is not the worst thing you can do but it's better to not do it when people are around.

However most people are not gonna really pay attention or care about you picking your ears, nose etc as long as you're not really close to them.

Picking your nose in public is considered rude.

However if you do need to pick your nose in public most people won't care that you do so as long as you don't wipe the boogers on something.

Just make sure you wipe your hands and wash your hands after picking your nose and put the boogers in a tissue.

Or better yet wait until you're not in public such as in a bathroom etc to pick your nose.

However it's also okay to wipe your nose in public and blow your nose in public as long as you're doing so in a tissue and you're washing your hands afterwards.

Just don't touch things in public that others will touch after you have had boogers on your fingers.

That is unsanitary and gross.

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