Have you ever made a kid go in their underwear as a punishments.

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asked Nov 28, 2021 in Polls/Surveys by jsnayfjdnsuso (520 points)
Last week my nephew was acting up so as a punishment for the rest of the week he was only allowed to poop and pee in his pants. Most of the time he was able to wait until we got home but he fully unleashed and filled his pants to the max in Walmart. Have you ever done this or would you do this.

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answered Nov 29, 2021 by diapermouse1 (6,570 points)
My aunt was babysitting me one day and I was acting up.

She made me poop in my underwear and sit in it for a few hours before she made me clean it up.

She said next time I would be wearing a diaper and made to use it when I was at her house.

Sadly she didn't do it as I was hoping she would.

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