How do you prevent diaper rash?

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How do you prevent diaper rash?

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To prevent diaper rash change diapers often and when soiled with poop change the poop diapers as soon as you notice it or if the baby has just pooped wait 10 minutes to allow the baby time to finish.

Apply diaper rash cream to your babies bottom and genitals and also consider using some Vaseline or petroleum jelly for the diaper rash prevention as well.

Wipe your babies or toddlers bottom and genitals to clean any poop or pee from the child's privates and bottom as well.

Also apply some diaper rash cream to the babies bottom and genitals before bed because they will be in a wet diaper longer than in the day.

Vaseline can be used for preventing diaper rash.

The Vaseline when applied to the skin and diaper area can protect the skin from the urine and feces as the Vaseline helps to create a waterproof surface barrier on the skin.

This means that the urine will be repelled from the skin so that the urine cannot come into contact with the skin.

The Vaseline also will keep the poop or feces from coming into contact with the skin.

If the child already has diaper rash though then you need to use some diaper rash cream that can help treat the diaper rash.

Also allow the babies or toddlers bottom to air out for 30 minutes between diaper changes which can help speed up the recovery of the diaper rash and also help keep diaper rash from occurring too often.

You could lay the baby down on a towel in case they pee or poop.

For a toddler just watch in case they go pee and either get them to a toilet or clean up the pee or poop.

Make sure you change the toddlers or babies diapers often and change poopy diapers as soon as you notice.

It's okay to leave a wet diaper on for a few hours but the diaper should be changed ever 3 to 4 hours or when it's full.

Even if it's not completely full and it's been 4 hours the diaper should be changed as urine can start to turn to ammonia.

Diaper rash is defined as a patchwork of inflamed, bright red skin on the buttocks.

Diaper rash is linked to wet or infrequently changed diapers, diarrhea, new foods, and antibiotics.

The main symptom is a red rash on the buttocks.

In severe cases, symptoms such as fever and widespread rash can occur.

Most diaper rashes start to improve after a few days of at-home care with over-the-counter ointment and more-frequent diaper changes.

If it doesn't start to improve, or if fever and rash develop, a doctor visit is needed.

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