Do hospitals make patients wear diapers?

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Do hospitals make patients wear diapers?

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Hospitals don't make patients wear diapers but if the patient needs a diaper then they will ask about putting them in one if needed or they will catheter them.

Some patients use bed pans and some patients use catheters and then some patients use and wear diapers.

I would rather wear diapers instead of using a catheter or bed pan.

Some kids wear diapers in the hospital.

If the kid wets the bed or is incontinent then the kid will wear a diaper while in the hospital.

I remember when i was 6 years old and I went into the hospital for some tests and I wet the bed so I was put into a diaper for my stay in the hospital.

I wore the Pampers Diapers which were plastic backed.

The nurses said that they wanted me to stay in bed and not have to worry about going to the toilet so they told me that I would be wearing a diaper.

I was okay with it and it was actually fun to wear the diapers.

The nurses changed me when my mom wasn't there and when my mom was there she changed my diaper.

I remember leaving the hospital wearing just my diaper, shirt and shoes because my mom forgot to bring me some shorts.

At first I was embarrassed but my parents told me that nobody would make fun of me because we were at the hospital.

Nobody said anything to me about the diaper but some people just wished me well as I left the hospital.

I've some other older kids wearing diapers under their hospital gowns in the hospital when I was visiting family in the hospital before.

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