Swaddle your baby in love

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asked Nov 26, 2021 in Baby/Newborn by mwalker1996 (9,110 points)
Here's another blog I made on Pampers Swaddlers. Great diaper for parents with newborns https://medium.com/@mariowalkerpoetry/diaper-case-story-25-swaddle-your-baby-with-love-53230ed23a2a

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answered Nov 26, 2021 by Jamie (31,440 points)
Awesome blog post on the pampers swaddlers.

Pampers Swaddlers diapers are good for both newborns and older babies but especially for newborns.

The pampers swaddlers are softer and ore comfortable than some other diapers and they do work great to contain the poop from potential diaper blowouts.

I've used Pampers Swaddlers on my newborns and my sister uses Pampers Swaddlers now on her 3 month old baby boy.

The 3 month old has not had a diaper blow out and seems more comfortable in them as well and sleeps better at night.

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