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Great post and great title to the Cruisers diapers of Cruising.

The Pampers Cruisers are meant for cruisers and when we're on road trips we are indeed cruising down the highway.

I love that title and it grabbed my attention and will make me remember it as well.

Pampers Cruisers are indeed Good diapers and my kids wear them sometimes when we go on long road trips as they hold up really good.

Although they cost a bit more than the regular Pampers I find they are worth the extra cost.

Also when the kids are running around, jumping, climbing etc the Pampers Cruisers stay in place.

I cannot hardly find them in stores around here but when I go online through or Amazon I can get them.

I wish my store would stock them more because I would buy them more but at least I can buy them online.

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