Are you guys gonna spent thanksgiving in a diaper

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asked Nov 25 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (2,570 points)
Are yall gonna eat Thanksgiving meal in a diaper?

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answered Nov 25 by Wetdiapersrfun123 (220 points)
I'm gonna spend Thanksgiving in a diaper.

I'm actually right now wearing a wet Abuniverse Super Dry Kids diaper and will go to sleep in it as I love sleeping in wet diapers.

Then when I wake up I'm gonna stay in the wet diaper for a few hours, then shower and get ready to go to my parents house.

I'll be wearing an Abuniverse Super Dry kids diaper under my pants tomorrow and I surely will wet it and if needed poop it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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answered Nov 25 by diapermouse1 (1,920 points)
I'm also spending Thanksgiving in a diaper and will be eating Thanksgiving meals in my diaper.

I'll be wearing a Northshore Megamax adult diaper.

I have a few nephews who are 2 and 3 years old who will be spending Thanksgiving in a diaper as they are not potty trained.

They will usually be in just their diapers and eating Thanksgiving meals in a highchair.

So at least when I go over to my parents house my nephews and myself will be in diapers although I'll have to have pants over mine.

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