Which computer monitor is best for photography?

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asked Dec 21, 2017 in Monitors by piplup (190 points)
Which computer monitor is best for photography?

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answered Dec 27, 2017 by Judy (56,120 points)
Here's a list of computer monitors that are great for photography and photo editing.

They're pretty pricey though.

Asus PA328Q,BenQ SW2700PT,Dell UltraSharp U3415W,NEC MultiSync PA322UHD,ViewSonic VP2780-4K,BenQ BL3201PH,Dell UltraSharp UP2715K ,NEC MultiSync EA275UHD

For the cheapest one I would go with the Dell UltraSharp computer monitor for photography.
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answered Mar 22, 2022 by swipka777 (6,100 points)
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