How's your videos going Pamperslover

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asked Nov 23 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (2,570 points)
How are your new videos going with the new hardrive?

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answered Nov 25 by Wetdiapersrfun123 (220 points)
Hi Pampers Lover please post the link to the videos as I would love to see them too.

That is if you got them all uploaded.
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answered Nov 26 by Pamperslover (20,000 points)
The videos uploaded fully.

However I thought there were more videos but turns out some of those videos were duplicates but with different file extensions.

Although in my other folders along with some pictures there might be some more videos.

But here's the link to the videos I did upload.

If I come across some more videos on my computer I'll upload them to the folder.

And I do still have a few folders of photos on my computer that I'm working on uploading as well.

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