What is the easiest way to block wind from a home in the country?

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asked Nov 22, 2021 in Do it yourself by Baldacci2021 (410 points)
I have a home in the country, on the flat plains of Iowa. It is the only house on a gravel road being that other houses, along with any trees and other things, have been removed following the Missouri River flood of 2020-2021. It is really windy up here, and I wonder how to make a wind break to buffett the wind that is constantly blowing, or so it seams. I am hoping there is some way to lower my heating bill this winter. Any info would be helpful.

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answered Nov 23, 2021 by achmyouse (2,360 points)
The easiest way to block wind from your home is to put up a fence or even plant tall fast growing trees close together.

The trees once grown up will help block out the wind from your home and can act as a privacy fence as well.

Trees, bushes, and shrubs are often planted together to block or impede wind from ground level to the treetops.

Evergreen trees combined with a wall, fence, or earth berm (natural or man-made walls or raised areas of soil) can deflect or lift the wind over the home.

Some good wind blocking trees include.

Norway spruce (zones 3-7): A strong, fast-growing evergreen that tolerates various soils.

Green giant arborvitae (zones 5-7): A fast-growing evergreen with a classic pyramid shape.

Eastern white pine (zone 3-6): A conifer that grows up to three feet per year.
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answered Nov 24, 2021 by Don Lawrence (1,780 points)
Well, yes, the simplest and cheapest is to grow bushes, they grow up to 1.5-2 meters in height and can grow to the desired length in 1.

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