Is Gotcha a slang?

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Is Gotcha a slang?

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Gotcha is slang.

The word or saying Gotcha is a slang version relaxed pronunciation of got you or I've got you, usually referring to an unexpected capture or discovery of another person.

These “gotchas” have in common they're all addressing their recipient disparagingly. Designed to publicly trick an individual and expose them to ridicule, they signify deception.

And that makes them uncharitable.

Gotcha can refer to an unexpected usually disconcerting challenge, revelation, or catch also : an attempt to embarrass, expose, or disgrace someone (such as a politician) with a gotcha.

How to use Gotcha in a sentence?

Some ways to use Gotcha in a sentence include.

This is a gotcha for many novices because they miscalculate the amount of border they'll need by not allowing for waste at the corners.

Gotcha , that was what we in the know call a 'Rickroll'!"

Fred gave him a big gotcha smile.

Gotcha in text or saying can also meant that someone understands what you've said.

For example when someone describes something to you.

Then you say "Gotcha" that can mean that you understand what the person was or is referring too.

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