Is it normal for 14 year olds to wear diapers?

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Is it normal for 14 year olds to wear diapers?

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answered Nov 26, 2021 by diapermouse1 (4,490 points)
Yes it's normal for 14 year olds to wear diapers whether they need the diapers or even if they just want to wear the diapers.

Lots of 14 year olds love wearing diapers and also some 14 year olds need to wear diapers for bed wetting or incontinence and that is okay.

Diapers are awesome and feel much better than regular underwear or boxer shorts.

Yes diapers feel really good.

A dry diaper feels good too but when the diaper is wet or poopy it feels even better.

I love when a diaper swells up and gets bigger between my legs and I love the feeling of the diaper rubbing against my thighs and butt as I walk.

Wearing a diaper also makes it more comfortable to sit on hard chairs or benches.

Diapers also feel good when masturbating in the diaper too.

Even just grabbing the front of the wet or messy diaper with my hand and moving the wet or messy diaper up an down my penis makes for good fun and good masturbation.

It feels so good to rub the wet or messy diaper against my penis and then explode with an orgasm into the diaper.

Masturbating in wet diapers is even better than masturbating with your hand and you don't need lube either because the wet diaper is slippery enough to work for masturbation.

If you haven't tried masturbating in a wet diaper then you should as you're missing out on a good thing.

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