Do Chinese flight attendants wear diapers?

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Do Chinese flight attendants wear diapers?

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Some Chinese Flight Attendants do wear diapers.

It was gonna in the plans to require Chinese Flight Attendants to wear diapers.

The civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has suggested that flight attendants in China may be required to wear diapers on board when they travel to high risk areas.

The CAAC released this new guideline on November 25 seeking to caution the industry from the ongoing pandemic.

The body released a 38-page document recommending flight attendants to wear "medical masks, double-layer disposable medical gloves, goggles, disposable hats, disposable protective clothing, and disposable shoe covers" when flying to high-risk areas.

“It is recommended that cabin crew members wear disposable diapers and avoid using the lavatories barring special circumstances to avoid infection risks,” the manual says

The document further advised flight attendants to avoid using the airplane lavatories since there have been incidents in the past of passengers contracting Covid-19 while aboard.

The pandemic has adversely affected the airline industry while passenger numbers are expected to plummet to 1.8 billion which is the same the industry had in 2003.

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