Why do adults like to wear diapers?

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Why do adults like to wear diapers?

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Some adults like to wear diapers because they are sexual to them or because they just love the feeling of them.

For me I love diapers as they are a sexual turn on to me and i love masturbating in them as well.

I also love the feeling of a thick disposable plastic backed diaper on my bottom and between my legs and when it gets wet it feels even nicer.

I love the diaper rubbing between my legs and my thighs and wearing a diaper makes me feel like a toddler again.

I wear diapers 24 hours per day and 7 days per week although I will sometimes go 30 minutes to an hour without a diaper to air out.

But the rest of the time I'm wearing thick plastic backed diapers and will pee and poop in them.

At home or in my fenced in yard I will be in just a diaper and shirt and shoes or just socks, diaper and shirt etc when it's warm outside.

In the house I will also be dressed mostly in a diaper and shirt and socks.

Diapers have been sexual to me since around 8 years old or so.

But I've loved wearing diapers since I was 5 years old when my my babysitter put a plastic backed diaper on me which I think was either a Luvs or Pampers.

I can't remember exactly but it was a nice thick plastic backed diaper.

I peed my pants at her house so she put me in the diaper and after that I loved my diapers and wanted back in them again.

I'm 33 and will be 34 on March 8th 2022

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