How do you change a toddler’s diaper in a public restroom with no changing table?

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How do you change a toddler’s diaper in a public restroom with no changing table?
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You put it on your feet or on top of your thighs when sitting. If you have to clean the poop, it increases the complexity but it can also be done.

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To change a toddlers diaper in a public restroom with no changing table you can lay them down on the floor and change their diaper that way.

Or you can change the toddlers diaper while they are standing up.

It's best to take the toddler into a large handicap stall and then lay them down on the floor and then change their diaper there out of peoples view.

Or you can have them stand up and change the diaper that way as well.

You can carry a folding changing mat with you in a diaper bag or backpack or use a towel large enough to protect the child when laying on the floor.

The age at which you should stop using a baby changing table for changing your toddlers diapers is by age 2.

Most toddlers by age 2 years old are no longer needing to be up on the changing table and it's easier to change the 2 year old or older child on the floor, bed etc.

Always keep one hand on your baby.

You should keep supplies within your reach, but out of the baby's reach. Stop using your changing table when your baby reaches the age or weight limit recommended by the manufacturer, which is typically age 2, or 30 pounds (13,607 grams).

Most moms do eventually enjoy the changing of their babies or toddlers diapers as it provides bonding time for the parent and child.

Although changing diapers can be a terrible task for most moms or parents.

But eventually mothers and fathers get used to it and start to enjoy the time with their baby or toddler when they change their diapers.

No you should not ask permission to change a toddlers diaper.

When a toddler needs a diaper change then the diaper needs changed regardless if they want to give permission or not.

A toddler really does not understand what permission means anyway.

If you ask most toddlers if it's okay to change their diaper they will flat out tell you no and run away.

You should let the toddler know you're gonna change their diaper soon though and that there's no option.

Sometimes you have to fight with the toddler to get their diaper changed or get them clothed or bathed etc but it must be done.

Asking a toddler or child permission to change their diaper just makes it seem like the toddler or child is the boss.

Never ask a child or toddler permission to do something they need to do.
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I think you should seek help from a cleaner or an security guard, I think there is nothing shameful about that. The main thing is that the child is whole.

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