How's your diaper videos going Pamperslover?

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asked Nov 20 in AB/DL by mwalker1996 (1,320 points)
How's your diaper videos going. Was your internet shutdown or are you waiting on to get a new harddrive to transfer your other videos?

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answered Nov 20 by Pamperslover (19,200 points)
I got a USB thumb drive at Walmart and have most of the videos transferred to the drive.

However after I got back home that day my internet was out and was out until the next morning.

Then when this website went down as well and not coming back up I forgot to continue working on transferring the files over.

Also the laptop my sister gave me is a good laptop and works fine and I have some of the videos on the laptop but then the laptop charger failed and was not outputting any power.

However I have a new laptop charger on the way for it and it should be here by the 23rd or 26th of this month which is what USPS tracking says.

These last few years have been crazy and weird things going on.

Websites going down, my internet going down, other peoples internet going down etc.

I hope things get better.
commented Nov 21 by mwalker1996 (1,320 points)
Same. I'm stocked to view more of your vintage diaper videos
commented 5 days ago by Pamperslover (19,200 points)
Good News I got the laptop charger in the mail today.

I'm on the laptop typing this right now.

It's so much faster and doesn't crash like my old computer does or hang up.

I'll be working on the other videos tonight and hopefully have them up on

I signed up for a new email account and it's now

I'll also be uploading photos to again as soon as the issue with categories is fixed.
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answered 5 days ago by Pamperslover (19,200 points)
The videos are being uploaded and currently the progress is at 23 percent.

It may be until 12:00 AM before they are completely uploaded because of slow internet.
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answered 4 days ago by Pamperslover (19,200 points)
Good news the videos all uploaded by this morning.

The videos all uploaded successfully overnight.

I just noticed a few of those videos are actually duplicates but some are in different formats and there are a few pictures in their as well.

I may have some more diaper videos as well in some other folders on my computer too which I'll look for when I'm going through the pictures.

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