Is it wrong to take baby diapers from a public restroom

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answered Nov 20 by Pamperslover (20,000 points)
There's nothing really wrong with taking baby diapers from a public restroom if they are used.

When I was a kid I would sometimes find used diapers that were wet and would bring them home and put them on or I would take the wet diaper out of the trash can and then take it to a stall and put it on and then walk around in the wet diaper.

Now I no longer do it but I do love looking into the trash cans to see if there's other adult diapers or even toddler or baby diapers in them.

I have touched them before as I love feeling a squishy wet diaper.

I think a guy known as Pamperchu used to or still does also take wet or dirty diapers out of trash cans and then I think he said he microwaves them.

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