I am attracted to wet disposable diapers when there in a public restroom trash can I will take them with me.

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What do you do with them?

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answered Nov 20, 2021 by Pamperslover (25,840 points)
Yes you can take them with you but you just to be discrete about it so nobody sees you take them.

There's nothing illegal about taking the used diapers from the public trash can but it may make someone weirded out about you.

There's nothing really wrong with taking baby diapers from a public restroom if they are used.

When I was a kid I would sometimes find used diapers that were wet and would bring them home and put them on or I would take the wet diaper out of the trash can and then take it to a stall and put it on and then walk around in the wet diaper.

Now I no longer do it but I do love looking into the trash cans to see if there's other adult diapers or even toddler or baby diapers in them.

I have touched them before as I love feeling a squishy wet diaper.

I think a guy known as Pamperchu used to or still does also take wet or dirty diapers out of trash cans and then I think he said he microwaves them.
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answered Nov 21, 2021 by diaperwetter10 (700 points)
I've taken used baby and toddler diapers out of public trash cans as well.

I love to also squish the diapers around in my hands and roll them around with my feet.

I've also used my ATV to run them over and get the SAP to come out of them as it's very fun.

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