Update on answerpail.com website downtime

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asked Nov 19 in Answerpail by chad (12,520 points)
Update on website downtime.

On 11/14/2021 at around 10:00 PM we had a server crash.

So I worked on moving the website to a new server.

However the current database and the most recent database I had saved and backed up has some sql errors in it.

So the database would not work when moved to the new server.

However we still do have the current database from November 14th with all the content and users in it.

But it's currently being worked on by an sql developer to fix the sql errors.

If we get that fixed then the current database will be reinstalled.

Sorry for the downtime but hopefully this server will also be faster and better in the long run.

The database that is working correctly is from a year ago.

So a years worth of posts are gone.

However thankfully the whole website didn't get deleted.

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answered Nov 19 by Pamperslover (20,000 points)
Sorry to hear about the database corruption.

The website is indeed loading faster on my end.

As long as the website is back up and running even without the other posts I'm fine with that.

Thanks for the hard work getting it back up and running I was wondering what happened.

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