How do you change an adult diaper on a road trip?

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How do you change an adult diaper on a road trip?

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answered Jan 1, 2021 by Pamperslover (23,340 points)

To change my adult diaper on road trips I just stick carry diapers in a laptop bag and take my laptop bag with me into a bathroom at a rest stop or gas station and then change the diaper by backing up to a stall or wall and then putting the diaper between my legs and pulling the diaper up between my legs to change it.

My parents never made me wear diapers on a road trip as a kid but I wished they did.

However I still wore diapers on road trips under my pants without my parents knowing and now as an adult I still wear diapers on road trips.

Wearing diapers on road trips is a good thing so you can pee or poop and not have to hold in the pee and wait for a toilet.

Wearing the diaper on road trips makes the road trip more comfortable and enjoyable as well.

When I have kids though I'm gonna make them wear diapers on road trips and all the time.

When on road trips in the summer the kids I have are gonna wear diapers without pants and wear just a diaper, socks and shirt and shoes and be dressed like the boy below.

More pictures of him at the link below.

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