How did Ralphie's father win the leg lamp?

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How did Ralphie's father win the leg lamp?

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The way Ralphie's father won the leg lamp is through a contest that he entered.

Ralphie's father entered a newspaper trivia contest and won the leg lamp after his wife supplied him with the answer.

His prize, much to his wife's dismay, is a woman's leg lamp that is complete with fishnet stocking and high heel.

The cost of a full sized leg lamp from A Christmas Story movie is around $230.00 through Amazon.

You can go to Amazon and purchase a full sized leg lamp like the one that appeared on A Christmas Story for $199.99 plus $29.99 shipping.

My favorite part about that leg lamp is when he says that Fragile must be Italian.

I think that says fragile honey. lol

That makes me laugh every time no matter how much I've heard that or seen that quote.

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