Does it snow in Oklahoma City OK?

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Does it snow in Oklahoma City OK?

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It does snow in Oklahoma City OK.

Oklahoma City OK averages about 6 inches of snowfall per year and that is also true for the entire state of Oklahoma.

Arkansas usually sees less snow per year than Oklahoma.

The month of January is the coldest month in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma the overnight lows in January can dip to 26 F and the highs average around 30 F to 45 F but sometimes it may get as warm as 55 F on rare days.

In Oklahoma the month of July is considered to be the warmest or hottest month with temperatures averaging 93 F to 100 F for the highs.

The month of January is considered the coldest month of winter for most states as it's the middle of winter because December, January and February are the cold months of the year for most states that see cold weather.

January will be the coldest and then February will be getting a bit warmer for most states as March is considered the month of spring.

However it can still be pretty cold in the month of March in some states but once we get past February and into March the weather starts getting better and we are getting to where we can eventually turn the heat off.

I've always hated winter and will be glad when this winter is over.

At least 2020 is over and hopefully the year 2021 will be a much better year for everyone.

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