What should I ask a girl at a first date?

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asked Dec 29, 2020 in Singles & Dating by bradley89 (290 points)
What questions should I ask a girl at a first date? I am really nervous and I would like not to mess up during the first date. I really like her and want to impress her as well

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answered Dec 29, 2020 by Lamkerprist (4,500 points)

Some things you can ask a girl at a first date with her are.

Who Are the Special People in Your Life?

What's Your Favorite Place on Earth?

Know Any Good Jokes?

Would You Rather?

What's Something You Want to Learn or Wish You Were Better At?

What are some random fun facts about you?

What Makes You Unique?

First of all make sure to be yourself which will impress her much more.

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