Can babies eat bananas?

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Can babies eat bananas?

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Babies can eat bananas as long as the baby is already on solid foods.

If your baby is eating baby food then you can mash up the bananas or blend the bananas in a blender and then serve the baby the bananas that way.

Or if the baby has teeth and is eating other foods besides baby foods then they can eat the banana without it being mashed up.

Just cut the banana up in small enough pieces so the baby can easily eat them and get them in their mouth without choking.

Bananas are a delicious healthy food for babies that are on solid foods.

I always mash up bananas for my little boy to eat and he loves them.

When he gets older I'll cut the bananas up in small pieces and allow him to eat them that way as well.

Once he gets to near 2 years old then he can have a whole banana by himself.

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