What is USPS premium tracking?

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What is USPS premium tracking?

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The USPS premium Tracking allows you to have access to the tracking information longer than the regular tracking information does.

That's the only difference between the USPS premium tracking and the regular USPS tracking is the time that the data for the tracking is stored and accessible is extended.

You don't really get any more tracking information that the regular tracking.

The USPS Premium Tracking can be good for businesses who ship a lot of packages or for someone who orders a lot of packages and receives a lot of packages.

For me I tried USPS premium tracking and it was not worth it to me so I canceled it as regular USPS tracking is good enough for me.

USPS Premium Tracking™ enables you to extend your access to the tracking history for your package on USPS.com.

Currently, access to tracking information for non-signature items is limited to 120 days. Tracking information for signature items is available for 2 years.

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