Will carpet cleaning remove pet dander?

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Will carpet cleaning remove pet dander?

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Carpet cleaning will remove pet dander.

You can use a home carpet cleaning machine or even better higher a professional carpet cleaner who has more powerful carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning solutions which can remove more of the dust, dirt, grime and pet dander from the carpet.

When you're allergic to your dog you should bathe them often to remove the dead skin flakes which are dander and also wash your carpets, brush your dog etc.

In some cases you may need to get rid of the dog if you cannot stop the allergies.

Washing your dog will help with dog allergies.

The dander of a dog is basically dead skin flakes and by washing your dog you remove those dead skin flakes so they don't get into the air and cause allergies.

Frequent bathing removes the dead skin flakes—a.k.a dander—from your pet's skin and can reduce allergens by as much as 84%.

Most veterinarians recommend weekly baths but consult your own vet to determine what's best for you and your dog.

Excessive dog dander is usually caused by allergies, skin infections, bacterial infections, yeast infections, parasitic infections, and endocrine disorders such as Cushing's disease or hypothyroidism.

Brush your dog regularly: Regular brushing helps to loosen (and remove) loose fur and dead skin flakes. Regular brushing also helps prevent mats.

You can also find medicated shampoos that specifically target doggy dandruff.

Rinse your dog well: Dried-on shampoo can leave your dog's skin itchy.

A good way to get rid of excessive dog dander and just dog dander is to use Allerpet.

Allerpet is safe for dogs as well as cats.

Allerpet is a non-irritating and non-toxic formula.

It may be used on pets of all breeds.

It may be used on dogs and cats as young as 10 weeks.

Allerpet is not a shampoo.

Allerpet markets itself as a pet dander remover that can provide relief for all animal allergy sufferers.

But not all allergens come from pet dander, and studies have shown that it is no more effective than wiping with a damp cloth, and much less effective than washing.

How to use Allerpet?

Apply enough to dampen to the skin, but it is not necessary to saturate the fur.

Pay particular attention to the areas of the body that your pet licks most often, especially the genital area.

Dry with a towel. Repeat this procedure at least once a week.

How long does Allerpet last?

How long a bottle last will depend on the amount used.

You can apply this product weekly but if you want to reduce allergens even more, I recommend applying Allerpet pet Dander Remover every 3-4 days, rather than weekly.

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