Did Conchata Ferrell pass away?

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Did Conchata Ferrell pass away?

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Conchata Ferrell did indeed sadly pass away.

The actor Conchata Ferrell passed away suddenly at the age of 77 years old with the cause of death being cardiac arrest.

Conchata Ferrell who was a three-time Emmy nominee and who also appeared in more than 200 episodes of Two and a Half Men and was a regular on L.A. Law's sixth season, passed away and died on Monday October 12th at Sherman Oaks Hospital of complications following a cardiac arrest.

She will be missed by many including those who never actually knew her.

I wish I could've met that wonderful actress as I really loved her but I still love her and miss her even though I never met her.

I'm sure she was a wonderful person even in real life.

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