How will the global coronavirus pandemic end?

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asked Dec 17, 2020 in Diseases Conditions by Lectron (480 points)
How will the global coronavirus pandemic end?

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answered Dec 17, 2020 by Kitty45 (3,120 points)
The global coronavirus pandemic will end eventually once everyone or at least almost everyone gets the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The Covid-19 Vaccine is becoming available now and if you can get a vaccine for the Covid-19 you should do so as the sooner you get the vaccine the sooner the Covid-19 pandemic will end.

Just like the Spanish Flu vaccine that was a huge pandemic for a few years it did end eventually and everything went back to normal.

Then 100 years later the Covid-19 pandemic started and eventually within a year or two this Covid-19 pandemic will also end.

It may take a few years to 4 years or so before everything gets back to normal and we stop wearing masks but eventually the time will come when we are no longer having lock downs or having to wear masks.

We still should be careful though about viruses as it the virus itself will still likely be around but it won't be as serious as before.

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