How do you naturally Alkalize your body?

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How do you naturally Alkalize your body?

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A good way to naturally Alkalize your body is by eating foods with Alkaline such as grains, fresh beans, green peas, Lima beans, soy beans, soy products etc.

It's only good to Alkalize your body if your bodies natural levels of Alkaline are too low.

Unless your bodies alkaline levels are too low then it's not good to alkalize your body.

You don't want to increase your bodies alkaline levels too much because having too high of alkaline levels can lead to serious health issues including kidney disease, kidney failure and even death.

When your body is too alkaline it's called alkalosis.

The condition alkalosis is excessive blood alkalinity that is caused by an overabundance of bicarbonate in the blood or a loss of acid from the blood metabolic alkalosis, or by a low level of carbon dioxide in the blood that results from rapid or deep breathing respiratory alkalosis.

This in turn can lead to another condition called acidosis which is an excessively acid condition of the body fluids or tissues.

Acidosis can lead to numerous health issues, and it can even be life-threatening so you want to keep your bodies acid and alkaline levels at the proper level.

You don't want your bodies alkaline or acid levels to be too high or too low.

Having your body too alkaline can lead to liver disease, kidney disease, kidney failure and even death in some cases.

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