What famous person has agoraphobia?

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What famous person has agoraphobia?

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The most common famous person that has agoraphobia is Woody Allen.

Woody Allen is the famous person that is most famously agoraphobic and he often includes elements of the disorder into his films.

Other celebrities and famous people with agoraphobia include Macaulay Culkin, Sally Field, and Paula Deen.

The opposite of agoraphobia would be claustrophobia for most people anyway.

"When most people think of agoraphobia, they think of "fear of open spaces" (about the opposite of claustrophobia).

However, in psychological terms, that is not what agoraphobia is. It is a complicated disorder, often very crippling.

Agoraphobia is basically the fear of leaving one's "safe place". A safe place could be their house, their home town, or even just their room.

This anxiety disorder is classified as "agoraphobia with panic disorder" and "agoraphobia without panic disorder".

The first is probably most common, as people fear having a panic attack in public, then they fear that being in public will trigger one, then they fear having one even more, and so on in a vicious cycle.

Agoraphobia, untreated, has a tendency to get worse and worse..."

Some things that can trigger agoraphobia are fears of being a victim of violent crime or a terrorist attack if you leave your house. becoming infected by a serious illness if you visit crowded places.

The condition agoraphobia is considered to be a severe enough mental illness to prevent someone from working and so someone with agoraphobia may need to get on disability payments because they are unable to hold down a job.

However there's the option of working from home when you have agoraphobia.

The condition agoraphobia is indeed a severe mental illness and can prevent people from living a good life and prevent the person with agoraphobia from leaving their homes to work jobs or do things other people would be doing.

Agoraphobia is an extreme avoidance of situations and places that can cause panic to the person with Agoraphobia.

When you have agoraphobia which is considered to be a severe mental health issue you will see a mental health professional who will discuss some things with you to determine if you have agoraphobia.

The agoraphobia may not be determined in just one appointment but instead may take several appointments and visits and discussions with a mental health professional before they actually diagnose you with Agoraphobia.

If you do have agoraphobia then you will have to have extreme fear of things such as public transportation including things such as a bus or plane.

Or being in an open space, such as a parking lot, bridge or large mall or being in an enclosed space, such as a movie theater, meeting room etc.

People with agoraphobia can also have a very hard time leaving their house and going in public so you might be able to get disability payments if you cannot function properly to get out to work around people to make a living.

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