Does a change of scenery help with depression?

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in Mental Health by Caledonia (890 points)
Does a change of scenery help with depression?

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answered Dec 10, 2020 by psurangers11 (960 points)
A change of scenery does help with depression for most people.

I suffer from depression myself and when I can take a nice road trip and get out and see a different state with more beauty I come out of my depression during that time.

Being in one location too long can be depressing.

I want to get a second house one day so that I can move between them and spend 6 months to a year at one house in one state and then when I get tired of living in that one location I just drive over and temporarily move to the other house.

I work online from home so I could easily move from one location to another and still do my work and make an income.

But I need to save money to buy a small house or make a tiny home on some land somewhere.

My dream is to buy a wooded and secluded property and either build a home on it or turn a shed into a small house.

Right now I live in a town and it can get depressing being around a lot of people.

Going out to a nice secluded property can be great for getting rid of depression as well.

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