Being a kid is not the best years of your life?

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asked Dec 1, 2020 in Grade Schooler by DobberK (910 points)
Being a kid is not the best years of your life?

When someone tells me that they miss being a kid and that it was the best years of their lives I tell them that they are wrong.

Being a kid sucks because you have no control over your life and cannot just go anywhere without permission.

Also being a toddler would suck as well.

My mom says she wished I was a toddler again when she views videos of me as a toddler and I curse her out and say heck no I would not want that.

I mean being a toddler again would not be wonderful for me because I could not just walk out the door and go down the street or somewhere on my own.

Every time you try to run off from your parents as a toddler they chase after you and bring you back which is what they're supposed to do.

But being a toddler, little kid or even just a kid would suck and it sucked for me too.

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answered Dec 1, 2020 by peter1522 (2,060 points)
Being a kid was pretty good for me and sometimes I do wish I were a kid again and miss being a kid.

However I do prefer being an adult much better because I can choose where to go, when to go to bed, what to eat, what to wear, I can take walks or just do whatever I wan to do.

Being a kid was nice though as I had no bills to pay, had no work to do, could just play all day when out of school or when I was a toddler I could just play and not worry about anything.

I hated school though so would not want to go back to being the age of having to attend school.

Now if I could temporarily go back to being maybe 3 or 4 years old then that would be okay for awhile.

It would be nice if we had the ability to change into a 3 or 4 year old or any younger age for the time we want to be that age and then switch back when we get bore.d

But sadly that's not possible.

However I would not want to fully go back to being a kid or toddler because it's too restrictive.

Being an adult is so much better than being a kid or toddler though.

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