Should parents be strict with their kids?

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Should parents be strict with their kids?

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Parents should be strict with their kids but not overly strict.

A child needs to know who's the boss in the household and it ensures they do the right thing and grow up to be good function productive adults in society or at least hopefully it will.

Being a strict parent is a good thing when done right.

I think what is wrong now with a lot of kids not behaving and causing trouble is that the parents are not strict enough with their kids.

I've also known some parents who go along with what their kids are doing wrong and say they don't care what their kids do.

I had a neighbor a few years ago who had a teenager who was going around and causing trouble around the neighborhood.

I spoke with the parents about him and they said that he could do whatever he wanted to do.

That's not the right way to parent and you should be disciplining your kids and teens when they do something wrong.

Don't be an overly strict parent but do let the child or teen know who's boss in your household and don't let them get out of control.

Spankings when done right are needed and are a good thing as well.

When I was a kid I was spanked and although I hated it at the time I'm glad my parents did spank me when I got out of hand and caused trouble for them.

It turned me into a great person.

Spankings are not abuse when done right.

There's a difference in actually beating your child and spanking.

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