Can you be blinded by camera flashes?

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Can you be blinded by camera flashes?

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If you're constantly being flashed by a camera flash then it may eventually lead to blindness but the occasional camera flash blindness from occasional camera flashing into your eyes is usually not harmful and the blindness from the camera usually goes away within a few minutes or so.

Although the camera flash can cause temporary blindness it's unlikely that the camera flash or flash on a camera would fully blind you.

The blindness from a camera flashing in your eyes usually goes away within a few minutes.

The blindness from a flash camera is just temporary and will not usually damage your eyes if you only get flashed with the camera a couple of times.

But if you're constantly being flashed in the eyes with a camera then it could potentially blind you but actors and singers are flashed with cameras very often and they're okay and not blind as a result.

Too much exposure to bright lights can eventually damage your eyes and cause your vision to get worse so avoid getting flashed with a camera too much.

But the occasional flash from a camera will just cause temporary blindness that will go away within a few minutes or so.

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