Why do they call tennis shoes tennis shoes?

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Why do they call tennis shoes tennis shoes?

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Tennis Shoes are called Tennis Shoes because they are made to be able to play Tennis easily and move around comfortably.

However Tennis Shoes were first known as sneakers because they allowed people to sneak around undetected because they made hardly any sound.

Tennis Shoes go by several different names as well such as sneakers, running shoes, Jogging Shoes etc.

Tennis Shoes usually squeak because of moisture that gets trapped where the Tennis Shoes rub against each other and by adding some baby powder to the shoes it can help stop the squeaking.

You can shake some baby powder under the inner sole of the Tennis Shoe to help stop the squeaking.

Also sometimes the rubber bottom of the shoe can squeak on surfaces such as gym floors or other slippery floors due to the friction of the rubber shoe bottom against the floor surface.

The best Tennis Shoes for Arch Support are Asics Women's Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes and also New Balance 680v6 Running Shoes.

These running shoes are also Tennis Shoes and are very comfortable shoes and are good for walking, jogging, running and even playing sports such as Tennis.

I have the New Balance 680v6 Running Shoes and they are very comfortable and I can wear them all day without my feet hurting.

Also if your feet do hurt some you can use some gel inserts for your shoes to help with sore feet.

If you're on your feet a lot then using the gel insoles will make even the worst shoe feel great.

Buying a more expensive shoe can help your feet be more comfortable and help with playing Tennis as well.

Nike Also makes a good line of Tennis Shoes, Running Shoes, Jogging Shoes etc.

They are more expensive but they are well worth the price and will last longer than cheaper shoes as well.

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